Stationary laser cleaning service

Stationary laser cleaning service

Stationary laser cleaning service

The stationary laser cleaning service is the perfect solution for any size of anilox rolls that can be sent to our company premises.

The cleaning is performed on a specially designed offline cleaning stand. It is suitable for rolls with a diameter more than 70 mm, without any limitations regarding its length.

The high-tech fiber laser of Anilox Laser Clean can clean all types of residues such as:

  •     Water-based flexo inks 
  •     Solvent-based flexo inks 
  •     UV-flexo inks
  •     All types of primers and varnishes
  •     Glues

The laser cleaning is suitable for ceramic and chrome anilox rolls.

For every anilox roll the customer receives a measurement protocol which contains information about the volume of the cells before and after the cleaning.

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