Who are we? Who are we?

Who are we?

We are leader in laser cleaning of anilox rolls

Anilox Laser Clean is a trademark of Dominov-Konsumativ Ltd and its activity is entirely dedicated to laser cleaning of anilox rolls.

Anilox Laser Clean offers the service laser cleaning of anilox rollers on the teritories of Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Turkey, North Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosna and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia. 

We have more than 5 years of experience in the field of deep cleaning of anilox rolls using soda blasting. 

While searching for the best method for high quality deep cleaning of anilox rollers, we established that laser cleaning is the most efficient, the fastest and safest method for cleaning all types of ceramic and chrome anilox rolls.

After conducting an extensive research and testing all renowned laser manufacturers worldwide, we put our trust in the technological leader in laser cleaning - the Dutch company LaserClean B.V.
Through its many years of experience in laser cleaning of anilox rollers and its innovative and reliable technology LaserClean B.V. has proven to be the best manufacturer in this industry worldwide.

The service we offer is mobile and can be performed directly in the client's printing house.

Our experienced team of specialists can quickly and efficiently clean your anilox roolls and measure the volume of their cells before and after cleaning with extremely precise measuring systems.

Laser cleaning could be carried out both IN-LINE (inside the printing press) for rolls, difficult or impossible to disassemble, and OFF-LINE on a specially designed cleaning stand.


We can offer you the best laser cleaning of anilox rolls as well as consultations and analysis for your anilox rolls.

Stationary laser cleaning service

Stationary laser cleaning service

The stationary laser cleaning service is the perfect solution for any size of anilox rolls that can be sent to our company premises.

Mobile laser cleaning service

Mobile laser cleaning service

Our team is able to visit your printshop and professionally clean all your anilox rolls.

Anilox roll cleaning with soda blasting

Anilox roll cleaning with soda blasting

Anilox roll cleaning with soda blasting is a stationary service offered only in our premises in Plovdiv.

Technical analysis of anilox rolls

Technical analysis of anilox rolls

Thanks to our experience and precise measuring equipment we can offer you a full technical analysis of your anilox rolls.

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